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Natural Beauty

Keep it simple. Keep it real. S&M Soap Co. is proud to offer quality handmade bath and beauty products. S&M likes to keep things simple--most products contain only essential oils to give off rich natural fragrance and color. What goes on skin should be as simple and natural as possible. We believe in the power and beauty of nature.


Not Just Soap

S&M Soap Co. offers a robust line of bath and beauty products. From bath salts to sugar scrubs and soy candles, there's always a great option. If you'd like a custom oil blend it can be made to order to suit your needs.

Our products are gentle, they are great for skin of all kinds and make perfect gifts.

Amazing products!!! I highly recommend checking them out.
— Kendra W.
I love to try new products from S&M Soap Co.!
— Hope S.